The Team

Jessica Lyman - Owner/Manager

Jessica is the heart and soul behind Traumhof. The whole farm, as you might guess from the name, was her dream. In addition to running the day-to-day business, keeping the books, and managing the team, she is in charge of the care and feeding of the horses and is the overall go-to person when horse care issues come up! Jessica works with Dynamite brand feed and keeps the horses literally "glowing" from her feeding expertise. With many years of grooming for top professional show jumpers under her belt, horse-care is her passion!

Kevin Fink - Owner/Go-To-Guy

Kevin is Jessica's husband and does a lot of the maintenance and hands on work here at the farm along with planning out the structure of the farm business. He pretty much can do anything from leading an unruly horse, to fixing a broken tractor, to managing the technology team for a startup. Kevin works (more than) full time at Shiftboard and when he's not working there, he's working here at Traumhof!

Ian Fink

Ian is Jessica and Kevin's son and pretty much keeps the farm on the straight and narrow... and reminds everyone when they swear!

Our animal and healthcare team includes: