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A five star private training and sales facility

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We are excited to partner with Cavallis to host another Christine Traurig clinic here at Traumhof on September 15th and 16th. Visit the event page for more details.

At Traumhof, we're passionate about caring for horses and take great pride in providing them with the best living environment we possibly can. They have big stalls in an airy barn, get daily turn-out in clean hog-fuel paddocks, are fed at least 7 times a day, get warm water throughout the winter months, and are generally treated with care and respect from everyone. Visitors often remark how happy all the horses seem. You won't see any hiding at the back of their stalls - they'll be up front, wanting attention and begging for treats. Come visit and see for yourself!

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We have hosted clinics with Christine Traurig, Shannon Peters, Steffen Peters, Debbie McDonald, and David Blake, and regularly host clinics with Lientje Scheuler and Jesse Sommerville.






Jessica Lyman & Kevin Fink

Lake Marcel, WA

32040 NE 112th St.

Carnation, WA 98014


Some of Traumhof's amenities include:

See our Facilities page for more details!